Spire Capital

Over the past two decades, we believe there are two key macro-shifts that have defined investment themes and the global business landscape: ‘analogue-to-digital’ and ‘complicated-to-complex’.

Our thesis is that these two shifts will create unparalleled innovation premiums in private equity markets and will therefore define the alpha generating opportunities across multiple businesses in the 2020s.

We combine our macro-view with a proprietary due-diligence and valuation model to capture absolute returns in private equity, uncorrelated to public markets and irrespective of whether we are embarking on another ‘Roaring 20s’ of strong growth, or whether inflationary and debt pressures will continue to cause economic headwinds.

Our Strategy

Our investment strategy is to find companies and assets that fulfil all four of the following criteria:

  1. At the forefront of an industry digital transformation.
  2. Managing global systemic complexity well to generate singular strategic positions.
  3. Addressing key emerging themes that are re-defining their industry.
  4. Applying at least one emerging technology and actively earning revenues from this application.

We are the antithesis to the standard ‘diversification’ approach in portfolio allocation that is so typical amongst the majority of portfolio allocators.

We target aggressive capital accumulation through allocation within carefully targeted verticals across private markets, rather than the traditional diversification across multiple asset classes according to the belief that this will provide greater protection against risks.


As an investment firm, we are happy to bring our singular due-diligence infrastructure and valuation capabilities to the benefit for other family offices, always as a co-investor, for directly mandated, off-market deals.

We are active along the private markets value-chain, from Seed stage to Pre-IPO.

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